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Sunship (cc)

a natural home, energy effective, simple, healthy
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What is a Sunship?

The name 'Sunship' stands for Earthship with focus on solar effectivity and the use of sunny materials. Our top star, the sun, is the force behind biological materials like straw and wood. The sun provides all the energy to build and run a Sunship.

Sunships are well insulated strawbale houses, carried by a wooden framework, using the passive solar architectural pattern and other solar applications. That results in a simple but comfortable home, affordable and healthy for the residents and healing for the planet.

"Sunships are a great step towards a sustainable culture building homes."

Used materials...

  • wood (framework, floor- and roof-panels, interior)
  • straw (wall, floor, roof)
  • clay (inside plaster, oven)
  • lime (outside plaster)
  • latex (roof)
  • stone, gravel (foundation, oven, roof)
  • metal (oven and heating, utility)

Estimated cost

Sunships are Do-it-Yourself. The construction is estimated to take between 4 and 8 weeks for 3 persons. It all depends on how exactly you want to realize the concept.

Cost for materials at regular market-prices will be around 20000 dollars/euros.

An estimated price for clever organized materials (regional, natural) is 9000 dollars/euros.

For now lets say: the price for a Sunship is between 7000 and 25000 dollars/euros. More detailed calculations have to take given circumstances into account.

Why you love it...

  • Construct it on your own.
  • Afford high quality life with little cost.
  • Use locally sourced natural materials an live healthy.
  • Appreciate warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.
  • This house works as simple as nature.
  • The sun is your resource and ally.

It's all open and free.

Have you heard of Open Source? Not only software, also buildings, songs, ideas, all kind of technology, ... everything can be Open Source. Several great models exist to declare your works free.

All material related to Sunship is Creative Common. Thats what the (cc) means. Check out more about Creative Commons. Click below.

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Free Downloads...

More information...

  • Read about the significance of well done architecture at my website by clicking here.
  • Check out the Earthship movement that is a source of inspiration: earthship.com.
  • More links worth looking at: Hobbit house; Atelier Werner Schmidt (high-lux-strawbale-buildings); Gernot Minke (Clay-constructions); Stroh & Lehm (Great company in my home region); Rolf Disch (Solar architecture); Wikipedia about solar-passive design; Wikipedia about solar chimney; Wikipedia about rocket stove; Tamera-article about compost-toilets,
  • Please consider contributing your time, your heart, your expertise, your money or several of that. Everybody has to give something. Feel welcome to contact me!
  • Recently I have designed a few houses for tropical conditions. Building in the tropics has completely different requirements than building in cold climates. Ask me if you are interested in that.
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